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Welcome to Classic Safaris

African safaris are our specialty at Classic Safaris. We delight in giving you the best experience to East Africa, filled with memories to last a life-time. We believe a safari to Africa is a special moment, and go to any length to ensure your personal requirements are taken care of. You will find the services personalized and tailor made to fit ... Read More..


Kenya ~  Where the sun never sets.

Beautiful and wild, Kenya brings together diversity and contrasts in all senses. From its different landscapes to its mix of people, Kenya has long been a country for souls and those eager to learn about life on the African continent.  ~Read More...

Rwanda ~The land of a Thousand Hills.

Rwanda sits at the hub of East Africa.
It is here that deep volcanic forces tear the continental plates apart revealing an exquisite beauty where you will wake up to a golden lit sky splashed with mist; you will certainly feel a rush of cool, sweet, fresh air brush against your face.
~

Uganda ~The pearl of Africa.

Its reputation of being Africa’s  friendliest country originates from the fact that traditionally hospitality is a key element to its diverse population. Uganda is well  known for its low level of crimes and hassles towards tourists.  ~Read More...

Tanzania ~ A land of contrasts.

With lions, elephants, giraffes and more roaming a diverse and dramatically beautiful landscape and mountains , endless white beaches overlooking the stunning Indian Ocean, and the most fascinating cultures from Maasai warriors to Arab traders, Tanzania is one of the most exciting destinations in the world. ~Read More...

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